Fresh Juice Gelatine


4 envelopes of Knox Gelatine unflavored
1 cup of cold juice
3 cups of boiling hot juice
Sugar/honey/agave nectar/stevia OPTIONAL to sweeten the juice (I did not use a sweetener)

Juice your choice of fresh fruits, these are the ones I used:
  6 fresh Oranges (juiced and strained)
  2 fresh Grapefruits (juiced and strained)
  1/4 cup of Organic Tart Cherry juice
  Mix all juices together and add enough water to make a total of 4 cups of juice from the fruits listed above. Boil 3 cups of the juice mix and keep 1 cup of the juice mix cold.


Open the packets of Knox unflavored gelatin and sprinkle the gelatin over the 1 cup of cold fruit juice in a bowl. Let gelatin stand for 1 minute or so to start absorbing the juice. Next, add your boiling juice to the gelatin bowl and stir together until gelatin is completely dissolved. This make take several minutes. Next stir in your sweetener if you desire.

At this point pour your mixture in a pan or mold that you'd like to use. If using a pan, you can use either a 9x13 pan for thinner gelatine or use a 9x9 pan for a thicker gelatine. Refrigerate gelatine until firm. Depending on your pan size, it might be about 3 hours or so until set. Next cut and serve.

Special Notes:
~ Choose any combination of fresh fruits to juice for this recipe.

~ Recipe Shared by Knox Gelatine (available on the back of the box or on the individual envelopes)