How to Prepare a Green Smoothie - Take ONE

If this goes ok, there may be more stuff like this to come. This is a how-to short video on how I prepare my green smoothies. Green smoothies are a staple for me, I drink one 20 to 24 oz green smoothie everyday. Depending on what my current nutritional need is I adjust the ingredients to better fit that need. Preparing green smoothies isn't difficult or time consuming if you plan ahead and have your ingredients readily available. Hope you all find this helpful. Thank you for your time.
If you have any questions/suggestions please feel free to communicate those.
Thanks a bunch!
Now, I'll go hide under a rock or something. :-P
YouTube Link to this video:

Beet Root
Ginger Root
Collard Greens
Bok Choy
Flax Seed
Water, Avocado and Banana will be added at the time of blending....(not shown here)

Other Items used:
Ziploc® Brand Twist 'n Loc® Containers - medium
Ziploc® Brand Freezer Bags with the Smart Zip® Seal - gallon size
Cuisinart - Stainless Steel Hand Blender - Model # CUI CSB-77

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