Greek Yogurt and Fruit Layers


(Makes 1 serving)
3 to  4 fresh Strawberries
2 to 3 fresh Figs
3 to 4 tbsp. of Plain Low Fat Greek Yogurt
1 tbsp. of crushed nuts such as Walnuts, Almonds, or Pecans (Optional)

Note: You can also use any other fruit combination of your choice such as:
Banana and Strawberries
Peaches and Pineapple
Mixed berries


Dice up your fruit in bite size chunks (to easily scoop up with a spoon). In your choice of bowl or glass begin layering 1 tbsp. of Greek yogurt then your fruit and nuts followed by another tbsp. of Greek yogurt and continue until you fill your container. Top with a bit of fruit and a sprinkle of crushed nuts if desired.

Refrigerate until ready to serve. Use the same day.


Special Notes:

~ Gluten Free (depending on toppings used)
~Recipe shared by Miriam Q.