Homemade 5-Layer Dip


- 12 to 16 oz home cooked black beans mashed and seasoned
- 1 lb spiced 97% lean ground beef - cooked well done
- homemade spicy guacamole
- plain Greek yogurt - seasoned w/salt & 1/2 lemon, mix and spread
- shredded extra sharp cheddar

From the bottom up layer the black beans, then cooked ground beef, followed by guacamole, then the Greek yogurt mix, and finally top with shredded extra sharp cheddar sparingly. Refrigerate until ready to serve - stores for 1 to 2 days.

Serving suggestion: You can serve alone, on a slice of whole wheat or sprout bread, or with a healthy veggie or grain chip option.

Special Notes:
~ Gluten Free 
~ Recipe Shared by Miriam Q.